Constitution Week
September 17-23

Constitution Week is September 17-23

Constitution Week is celebrated annually September 17-23 to commemorate America’s most important document. Daughters of the American Revolution started this celebration of the Constitution in 1955 by petitioning Congress to set aside September 17-23 each year for Constitution Week. the resolution was later adopted by the U.S. Congress and signed into public law on August 2, 1956, by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Constitution Week celebration is meant to:

1) Emphasize citizens’ responsibilities for protecting and defending the Constitution;

2) Inform people that the Constitution is the basis for America’s great heritage and the foundation for our way of life; and

3) Encourage the study of the historical events which led to the framing of the Constitution in September 1787. The United States Constitution stands as a testament to the tenacity of Americans throughout history to maintain their liberties, freedoms and inalienable rights.

Constitution Week is a great time to learn more about this important document and celebrate the freedoms it gave us.


NSDAR Past President General Gertrude S. Carraway was responsible for the annual designation of September 17-23 as Constitution Week. The DAR made its own resolution for Constitution Week, which was adopted on April 21, 1955.
Members of the United States Congress received the DAR resolution and on June 7, 1955, the resolution was discussed in the Senate. The first resolution to observe Constitution Week was made on June 14, 1955, by Senator William F. Knowland of California. Following the passage of the resolution by both Houses of Congress, President Eisenhower issued his proclamation on August 19, 1955.
The first observance of Constitution Week was so successful that on January 5, 1956, Senator Knowland introduced a Senate Joint Resolution to have the President designate September 17-23 annually as Constitution Week. The resolution was adopted on July 23, 1956, and signed into Public Law 915 on August 2, 1956.
For his patriotic aid and interest, Senator Knowland received an Award of Commendation from the NSDAR Continental Congress in April 1956.

What Our Chapter Does


We donate 1200 Pocket Constitutions to 7 middle schools, donate books about the Constitution to 2 libraries, have displays at local libraries, have cards in restaurants, and receive Proclamations from 3 mayors in our area.